Why Shopify

With continuously emerging e-commerce solutions, it had never been easier to create an online store. However, it also means that you have to go through the struggle of choosing the right one for your business.

At MeneLabs, we reviewed all the major e-commerce platforms and have chosen the best one to focus our efforts to. And it’s Shopify!

Starting from the complete dashboard that offers a great experience in managing your store, Shopify offers a range of possibilities which will bring your online store to the next level.

Shopify is easy to use

Self-hosted with 99.94% uptime.
Unlimited 24/7 support

Customizable Design with over 100 themes available

Shopify App Store provides you additional features

Start selling in no time!

We Design Shopify

It is very easy to fall short when it comes to designing your Shopify store. Creating a compelling design is getting harder having in mind the fierce competition who pay attention to the slightest detail of their design to make the products sellable. Convincing your customers means a product sold and this is why we will design your store for you.

We are specialized in UI/UX for Shopify stores!

It all starts with your customer. With a user centered approach to design we will bring the experience of shopping in your store to the next level. Which means that not only you will have a beautiful design of your store, but it will work in the best way to bring conversions and thus aim to completing your most important objective. Driving sales!

We build Shopify Apps

The best way to make the most out of Shopify is to use apps.
At MeneLabs we build apps that make the process of selling on Shopify smooth.

Export OrderPro

This Shopify App reports, documents, and streamlines your new Shopify Store orders.

It takes your inventory management to a whole new level and facilitates the entire shipping process.

Storage Synchronizer

With Storage Synchronizer for Shopify, you can synchronize Price, Quantity and Visibility of a product by providing the SKU your warehouse knows. Applying Bulk sales had never been easier.

You can synchronize your complete warehouse fast and easy.

Custom application

Do you need an automation to save you time and money?

Do you need something that no Shopify app is doing so far? We do that, too!

It's so easy to start your e-shop

Start selling today