Shopideo FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Shopideo

Can you help me install the Shopideo code?

Yes! If for any reason you cannot add the Shopideo code,  we will be happy to help you add it to your theme and solve any layout problems you might encounter.
Please contact us at to help you with anything you might need.

How do I add the Shopideo code when I first install the app?

When you first install Shopideo, you must insert the Shopideo Code snippet into your Theme’s code. The Shopideo Code snippet is:

{% comment %} SHOPIDEO CODE - START {% endcomment %}
{% assign shopideoMeta = product.metafields.shopideo %}
{% assign storeMeta = shop.metafields.shopideo %}
{% if %}
{% unless shopideoMeta.enabled and shopideoMeta.enabled == 'false' %}
{% if storeMeta.config %}var shopideoConfig = {{storeMeta.config}};{% endif %}
var shopideoMeta = {{}};
var shopideoStore = 'kP6QH2KRvn4=';
{% comment %} 25 pixels margin on top and bottom {% endcomment %}
<div id="shopideoPH-wrapper" style="margin-top:25px;margin-bottom:25px;">
<div id="shopideoPH"></div>
{% endunless %}
{% endif %}
{% comment %} SHOPIDEO CODE - END {% endcomment %}

The goal is to place the Shopideo Code snippet into the file Sections/product-template.liquid.  Here are the instructions:

  1. From Shopify admin, select the option Online Store and then the option Themes.
  2. For your current theme, select the option Actions > Edit Code.
  3. On the Theme Editor, expand folder Sections and locate the file product-template.liquid. Click on the file name to open it.
  4. Now you can copy & paste the Shopideo Code at the position you want the video to be displayed.Let’s add the code under the description; you can place it at another location later.
    1. Press Ctrl + f to open the search box and type product.description.
    2. Locate the end of the description block, copy the Shopideo Code, and paste it under the description block.
    3. Press the Save button and enjoy the benefits of shopideo! (You can also use the Preview button to make sure you ‘ve placed the code at the right position.)

Hint: If you have made a mistake and then saved the liquid file, don’t panic! 😊 Shopify keeps the old versions of the file:

  1. Click on the Older versions link located at the top bar, next to the file name (product-template.liquid)
  2. Use the drop-down to select a previous version that doesn’t break the page, and press the Save button.
If you cannot see any video on your product page, ensure that:

  • You have assigned a video to the product.
  • You have enabled the video using the slider.
Note that, in older versions of some templates, you may have to place the Shopideo Code snippet inside the file Templates\product.liquid.
I am using theme *your theme here*. Where should I place the Shopideo code snippet?

How to install  the Shopideo Code snippet on themes

I have inserted the Shopideo Code but I cannot see any video on the product page.

For a video to appear on a product page, you have to make sure that the product has a video assigned to it, and the video is enabled:

  • Open the Shopideo app, and go to the Product List page,
  • Search for the product using the product’s name and
  • Click on the product’s title to edit the product video

From there, you can assign a video to the product using the search box and then enable the video using the slider button.

Do I have to add videos to all my products before I add the Shopideo Code?

No, the code works for products that have videos and for those that don’t. If a product doesn’t have a video assigned to it, you will not notice any change. But if it does, and the video is enabled, then you and your customers will be able to watch the video on the product page.

How can I make the video to auto-play when a product page is loaded?

You can change the auto-play from the Configuration page:

  1. Open Shopideo and select More > Configuration  (top-right menu):
  2. Move the toggle Auto play to the right
  3. Press the button Save

Now, when the product pages are loaded,  product videos will start playing automatically.

I don't like the image (thumbnail) shown when the video has not started. What can I do?

In Shopideo, select the product from the product list:

Click on the product name to go to the product’s video:

Press the button “Set custom video thumb

Here you can paste the URL of the image that you want to set as the video thumbnail and Save. You can also Remove an existing video thumbnail.


What if a video is deleted from YouTube?

We check the health of your video clips daily. If we detect a dead video link

  • We disable the video, so it is not shown on your product page
  • We send you an email informing you about the dead link.