About Menelabs

Who stands behind Menelabs?

Menelabs is a Web Design and Development company based in Athens, Greece. Founded in 2014, it aims to leverage the experience of its founder and deliver the E-Commerce solutions that clients will find invaluable.

Menelaos Vergis

Menelaos Vergis


With over 10 years of experience in building, testing, fixing and tweaking software, the CEO and Founder of Menelabs, Menelaos Vergis decided to leverage his knowledge and build E-commerce solutions that will excel. Menelaos sees user experience as the underlying engine of every software and application. Thus, to every project he works on, he brings user at the first position and start building a solution from there. He is also a perfectionist who rarely consider any work done until it is absolutely perfect.

Mary Sisauri

Mary Sisauri


Have worked for more than 6 years at the public and the private sector as a developer with a keen eye on User Experience (UX). Mary loves simplicity at the user interface (UI) because she knows that every button, input or text can easily confuse the user rather than helping him. Mary is a full-stack developer and she is responsible for the client-side project architecture.


To create the most helpful applications in Shopify that will fill the gaps in the workflow of the average Shopify merchandiser and continually improve upon the previous work.


To empower every Shopify merchandiser with a continuous and non-interrupted workflow to achieve highest efficiency.